Six-Week Veganism Results

My highly anticipated (by me) date finally arrived. It was time to make my way to the VA and have my lab work done. It had been six weeks since I began this culinary journey into the depths of plant-based eating.

To recap, initially I was going to try this for four weeks and see how it looked; however, my doctor informed me that she really needed six weeks to see the difference in my labs.

So I agreed.

During this period I did not cheat a single time – although I did unintentionally have a few bites of a meal with egg in it. Once it was noticed, I was done.

As far as cravings – very minimal.

Detox – nothing that I can point to.

Results – well, I wish I had better news to report, but let me explain.

Having had the detailed discussion with my doctor about my lifestyle change, I was very curious to see all of my lab results. Glucose, Cholesterol, Calcium, B12…I really wanted to see the effects.

Unfortunately, all of those labs weren’t ordered. So I have nothing to report about my cholesterol…yet. I go back in two months for a complete set.

So, first off, weight loss. According to my weight at the VA I have lost a little over nine pounds! Additionally, I have lost an inch across my waist.

Glucose – my readings were consistently in the 300’s prior to starting. Yeah – that’s not good. That’s major diabetes.  I am now in the 110’s – 130’s. Still diabetic, but a huge difference in only six weeks.

Both calcium and B12 are in the normal ranges.

I specifically chose NOT to take any supplements during this period as I wanted to see the effects of the diet alone, so that was a welcome result.

A few other changes – my resting heart rate has gone from the mid 90’s to the mid 70’s.

Also, and this was another big one – my blood pressure. I went from 150/91 six weeks ago, to 117/79!

Last week I was noticing my energy level dropping though. So I have started taking a multi-vitamin with B12 to help with that. I don’t know if it really starts working right away or if it’s in my mind, but I do already feel better this week.

So, I consider everything a success so far. I go back on December 8 for more labs and will see how I’m progressing and decide if this is what I plan on sticking with.

Thanks for the words of encouragement that I have received and questions you have asked. Please feel free to continue.

Seeing the best and worst of people in one day

I am coming to you from our nation’s capital this week. I flew in to DC late this afternoon for the week.

First off, I have to throw a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to my followers. I had no idea what to expect when I put together my little book and clicked the publish button. If anything, it was just a bucket list item for me.

Yesterday morning while I was out fishing I took a look at my Amazon page and saw that my book was currently #4 on Amazon’s best seller list for humor.

What the what!?


It was such a humbling experience for me the past week.

And I caught a massive rainbow trout.

I was brought back to reality as I boarded my plane this morning at 5:45. Shortly after taking my seat and buckling in, the pilot got on the speaker and told us that the proper paperwork for our plane was not completed accurately, so we needed to wait for someone to come to the airport to finalize.

Delays happen. They are not fun for anyone. But there was one lady sitting a couple of rows behind me that really tested my statement that I don’t dislike people.

Flying out of Montana, most of our flights are connection flights…meaning that we are flying to a hub to connect on a different flight. It’s always an inconvenience when there are delays, but the airlines are usually really good about getting us rebooked.

In fact, by the time I landed in Minneapolis and turned on my phone, I already had a message from Delta letting me know they have already rebooked me.

Easy peasy.

But this lady behind me WENT OFF on the flight attendant. And she didn’t stop there. She kept on going and going THE ENTIRE flight. Major kudos to the flight attendant that had to deal with her and didn’t choke her out.

I sure wanted to.

It just amazes me that some people think they are more important to everyone else in this world. To her, she was the only one on the flight dealing with this. My only hope is that her luggage got lost.

I know, real mature of me.

On the other hand, there was a woman flying with a baby (probably no more than six months old). She was sitting in the row in front and across from me. Her poor little baby was not enjoying the flight at all. It’s about two hours, plus the delay sitting in the plane, and the little guy was crying nearly the entire time.

I can’t imagine how stressful it was for her. I was getting stressed out just because of my empathy. No matter what she tried to do, the little one just wouldn’t stop crying.

As much of a jerk the lady sitting behind me was, the guy that was sitting next to the lady with the baby was a champ. He didn’t appear grumpy or frustrated about having to sit next to a screaming baby. He tried to cheer up the little man with funny faces and things like that, but it wasn’t happening.

Finally as we began our decent, the little man made eye contact with me.

Is there anything cuter than the big eyes of a baby?

I’d like to think it was my awesomeness, but he broke out in a little smile then did one of those baby laughs that starts from deep down in their body. It was so beautiful. I played around for the final minutes with him, and when the mother got up she just looked at me with her frazzled face and said, “Thank you.”

Sometimes it’s a little thing like that to carry you through the rest of the day.

So, Thank You to all of you who read this and who stroked my ego by downloading my book. I’m sure the downloads will come to a standstill as the free period is about to end, but regardless, it was wonderful to see it happen and to get some of the kind words from those that have read it.