My Life as an Introvert



I took a huge step outside my comfort zone and joined the ESL ministry at my church.  Even though I’ve never seen myself as a teacher, I felt compelled to do it.  So I did, and I love it.  I have been teaching since January of this year with a break for the summer.  I start back with a new class after Labor Day.  I didn’t feel like my introversion would hinder my teaching abilities as I am accustomed and quite comfortable speaking in front of a group, but not comfortable speaking in a group.  My students are wonderful and it is great learning about all of the different cultures.

This past weekend, my introversion was on full display and I am sure that it was very confusing to the group I was with.  I, along with the other ESL teachers in the ministry, got together for a workshop…

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The Friends I Don’t Have


“I don’t like people.”

I find myself saying this at least twice a day; sometimes a dozen depending on daily events. On most levels, it’s very much true. I don’t do well in social settings. I feel uncomfortable, awkward, and like I just don’t belong. I’ve been a loner for as long as I can remember. I’m not an innocent; I’ve been the cause of friendship ends, not necessarily on purpose, but it has happened.

The word “friend” is used so casually anymore. The definition of a friend is apersonattachedtoanotherbyfeelingsofaffectionorpersonal regard or apersonwhogivesassistance;patron;supporter. Take a moment to think about that. Truly let that definition sink in. How many “friends” do you honestly have? How many would give you a broken heart if they walked out of your life? How many could you call to cry…

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The Outgoing Introvert…

Add a pinch of bipolar

I’m sure if you are a regular user of social media you will have come across this blog in the last week or so.  It’s not often that something really connects with me on Facebook but this struck a chord…

I could not have read it at a better time.  Despite being loud, bubbly and the one behind the practical jokes; I am an introvert.  That’s not to say that I am fake but projecting confidence is a strategy that has done me well in life.  It has landed me dream jobs, allowed me to perform in front of large crowds and generally served me well in awkward social situations.  I once read that Christina Aguilera uses her trademark red lipstick as a mask. I use thick black eyeliner (we are not talking to the extremes of Amy Winehouse here!)

But I am fully me.  I am just the…

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Craving for Solitude


tumblr_nqr842Tjhu1tkyd6fo1_1280I’m craving for solitude,
that is all I asked.
Never did anyone understand,
this one simple wish.

I’m craving for solitude,
to retreat and recharge.
It is just a simple wish,
that could not be granted.

I’m craving for solitude,
in a room full of people.
I forced a smile on my face,
with the screams in my head.

I’m craving for solitude,
I couldn’t stand it anymore.
So overwhelming,
I wish I could just run away.

I’m craving for solitude,
my energy is getting low.
I don’t wish to hurt others,
my mood is getting low.

I’m craving for solitude,
with fear I could harm others.
Shutting myself down,
from this hectic world.

Holiday has finally arrived. My whole school semester – I didn’t expect myself to be emotionally drained for a very long period of time. I pushed the limit this time, even though I knew I myself…

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Success actually isn’t a good teacher

The Context Of Things

Success Isn't A Good Teacher

If you were to line up a bunch of people in any industry, or job, or even family … and then you were to ask them, “Who do you learn from?” … I think most of the answers you’d get would be around either personal mentors of theirs (which is a bit awkward, because mentorship may be on the decline), family members (mom/dad/grandparents), and/or the holy trifecta of business people that always get quoted (which is some combination of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, and others).

Interesting on Bill Gates, though: he once even said “success is a lousy teacher.” For context, he has more money than you do. If you value money as a source of success — you shouldn’t really, but you probably do — then he’s more successful than you. Heck, he’s more successful than anyone on the planet if…

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Introverts need love too!

The Cyborg Knight

12. The Introvert Pretending Trying to get ready for a night out…

13 Things You Can Do To Make An Introvert Feel Loved

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook and it got me thinking about what it is like to be an introvert and some of the unique challenges that are present when your job requires you to be an extrovert!

The Naval Academy has all the Midshipmen take the Meyers-Briggs Personality test during a mandatory leadership class. The Myers-Briggs has hundreds of questions that you have to fill out pertaining to your preferences and personality. We all got the results back a few months after we took the test. The results included an overview of your personality type and how you compared to the other people who took the test with you.

...what I really wanting to be doing. …what I really wanting to be doing.

When the Class of 2012 took the Myers-Briggs Test, there were 1,200…

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