The power of introverts — Curlygirlabroad

This post was inspired by a TED talk I watched this week, with the same title. (you can watch it here). Susan Cain decided to ‘speak dangerously’ and tell us why being introvert is more than ok! The main difference between introvert and extrovert people lies with how they get and spent their energy. It’s […]

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Welcome to Just a Veg! — Just A Veg

Hello! Welcome to Just A Veg blog! I’m Grace, writer of Just a Veg! Though I have been sharing my recipes and vegan lifestyle tips on Instagram, I have been contemplating starting a blog, where I could design my own place to share and inspire others to live a more healthy lifestyle. So, […]

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How to Eat Vegan on a Budget — Powered by Mangos

There’s a common myth going around that the vegan diet is expensive. And while that is possible, the vegan diet can also be the cheapest diet out there. Knowing which foods to buy, where to shop, and what to avoid will make it easy for you to eat vegan on a budget. Whether you’re a […]

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6 Reasons Winter Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Be an Introvert — Introvert, Dear

Even an extrovert couldn’t possibly find fault with going straight home after work when it’s too cold to feel your face. The post 6 Reasons Winter Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Be an Introvert appeared first on Introvert, Dear.

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Are you an introvert?




This week I stumbled across this articlefrom nymag.comabout introverts. The article expresses that there are four different kinds of introverts: social, thinking, anxious, and restrained. I love this article because I consider my self an introvert but always pushed it aside because I stereotyped “introvert” as the awkward-girl-who-loves-anime, or something ( no offense if you like anime). Then while studying counseling in grad school I came across the term “extroverted introvert” meaning that in social situations I can be extroverted and friendly but as soon as thats over I need alone time. According to this article I am a social introvert. Don’t know what type of introvert you are? Or if you are even an introvert at all? No worries. Theres a little quiz in the article you can take!

I absolutely love a good party, speaking in front of people and being out in about. What I…

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