Success actually isn’t a good teacher

The Context Of Things

Success Isn't A Good Teacher

If you were to line up a bunch of people in any industry, or job, or even family … and then you were to ask them, “Who do you learn from?” … I think most of the answers you’d get would be around either personal mentors of theirs (which is a bit awkward, because mentorship may be on the decline), family members (mom/dad/grandparents), and/or the holy trifecta of business people that always get quoted (which is some combination of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, and others).

Interesting on Bill Gates, though: he once even said “success is a lousy teacher.” For context, he has more money than you do. If you value money as a source of success — you shouldn’t really, but you probably do — then he’s more successful than you. Heck, he’s more successful than anyone on the planet if…

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