Craving for Solitude


tumblr_nqr842Tjhu1tkyd6fo1_1280I’m craving for solitude,
that is all I asked.
Never did anyone understand,
this one simple wish.

I’m craving for solitude,
to retreat and recharge.
It is just a simple wish,
that could not be granted.

I’m craving for solitude,
in a room full of people.
I forced a smile on my face,
with the screams in my head.

I’m craving for solitude,
I couldn’t stand it anymore.
So overwhelming,
I wish I could just run away.

I’m craving for solitude,
my energy is getting low.
I don’t wish to hurt others,
my mood is getting low.

I’m craving for solitude,
with fear I could harm others.
Shutting myself down,
from this hectic world.

Holiday has finally arrived. My whole school semester – I didn’t expect myself to be emotionally drained for a very long period of time. I pushed the limit this time, even though I knew I myself…

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