Introverts need love too!

The Cyborg Knight

12. The Introvert Pretending Trying to get ready for a night out…

13 Things You Can Do To Make An Introvert Feel Loved

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook and it got me thinking about what it is like to be an introvert and some of the unique challenges that are present when your job requires you to be an extrovert!

The Naval Academy has all the Midshipmen take the Meyers-Briggs Personality test during a mandatory leadership class. The Myers-Briggs has hundreds of questions that you have to fill out pertaining to your preferences and personality. We all got the results back a few months after we took the test. The results included an overview of your personality type and how you compared to the other people who took the test with you.

...what I really wanting to be doing. …what I really wanting to be doing.

When the Class of 2012 took the Myers-Briggs Test, there were 1,200…

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