If we are all going to die one day, what is the purpose of living ?

Suvarna Academy

Anyone who has suffered from chronic depression or knows a loved one who is suffering from chronic depression, will probably acknowledge that thoughts of death is a constant.

Last September, when I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, my brother in law got hospitalized for lung ailment.

Have witnessed 8 bodies taken out of the hospital in front of my eyes in the space of 1 week before I saw my own brother in law. I had the worst start for 2015 I could ever imagine. I am only starting to recover from the loss and started writing.

Had a narrow escape from death myself  2 years ago,  having been extremely lucky to have survived with only a leg fracture and a minor head injury. I had decided that I will live my second life the way I want to be remembered, should the…

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