Embracing the Introvert


For many years I believed that being introverted was a character flaw.  I was shy and that was something I needed to change.  Though I did find ways to go out of my comfort zone and behave in a more extroverted way I never changed the person I was inside.

sandy beach

One day I saw Susan Cain’s TED talk and for that I am so appreciative!  Finally, here was someone who saw value in being introverted.  As a result, here I am pursuing the writing dream and loving it.  If you haven’t read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking then you’re missing something big.  The world is full of introverts and whether you fall into the category or not you probably know someone who does.  Maybe you’re the parent of an introvert.  If you are then read this book; I highly recommend it!

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