Why do I need an emotional connection?

Emotional luggage.

I’m not kidding here. I need an emotional connection to bond with people. I don’t do “crushes”. I don’t do those “love at first sight” things. I think I mentioned it somewhere I’m as sensitive as a frozen brick. I cannot stand the feeling of being touched by someone I don’t have an emotional connection with. You’re either a friend or you’re.. not. I don’t do grey areas. I don’t have an affinity for the “in between” type of friends. I don’t do “casual”. I’ll be polite but, don’t expect me to pour my heart out to you. I control myself with my colleagues, even the ones I really like, but when I’m with my fiancé, or my nieces, or best friends, I get really touchy feely.

I’m occasionally needy when it comes to physical touch. Kind of like a cat. My mood switches randomly, not due to my period…

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