Who am I?

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welcome to my little piece of quiet

Hide awayIn every job interview I’ve ever attended, I’ve heard some variation of “tell me a bit about yourself”. It seems like a simple request. But for an introvert, it isn’t that easy. How do you describe yourself to someone you’ve just met? What do you include?

Physically, I’m 5’10”. I have brown hair and green eyes. I appear quiet and reserved when I first meet someone, or if I’m in a big group of people. But that’s just what you see on the outside.

I’m sure you already know that I’m introverted, an INFJ, and an HSP. I need alone time to recharge. I love being with people, in small doses. I’m highly affected by loud noise, strong scents, and other physical stimuli. These things can drain me just as quickly as social interaction. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve and most people have no idea what I’m really thinking…

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