The Art of Successful Fishing


The Art of Successful Fishing

  1. Spend hours online looking at how the pro’s set up their line
  2. Do something totally different because I can’t figure out the knots
  3. Place bait on hook and cast line
  4. Recast line because it only went three feet
  5. Hope that bait stayed on hook
  6. Sit down and expect fish to already be biting
  7. After a few minutes wonder if bait is still on hook
  8. A few minutes later, realize I have to pee, but can’t leave because once I do the fish will bite
  9. Sprint someplace to pee
  10. Walk back out of breath
  11. Wonder if the bait is still on the hook
  12. Resist the urge to bring in the line to check the bait
  13. Try to find cell service to find out how to tie the proper knot
  14. Pray
  15. Get mad at the person who drove their boat on the other side of the lake causing a small wake because it scares all the fish
  16. Pray
  17. Check my line to make sure it isn’t snagged
  18. Look at the directions on the bait
  19. Look at my watch to see it’s already been 20 minutes
  20. Act happy for the guy that just showed up and caught a fish
  21. Bait must have fallen off
  22. Reel in the line
  23. Find the bait is still on the hook
  24. Hook the camping chair
  25. Hook my pants
  26. Hook my shirt
  27. Cast the line out
  28. Watch the bait fly 10 yards further than the hook
  29. Reel in the line to put on new bait
  30. Get the hook snagged in the weeds
  31. Break line
  32. Set up new line using the new knot
  33. Forget the new knot after trying three times
  34. Recast to the exact same spot no bites were happening
  35. Tell someone who just asked that you haven’t caught anything, but you’ve gotten a ton of bites
  36. Pray
  37. Decide the fish aren’t biting, time to go home
  38. See fish jump right where your bait is
  39. Wait five minutes with no bite
  40. Bring in line because bait obviously fell off
  41. Notice bait is still on
  42. Recast to same spot
  43. Miss bite while sitting back down
  44. Rebait and recast
  45. Catch fish

After four hours of fishing, consider it a good day.

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