10 Things Introverts Who Move A Lot Know To Be True

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As an introvert, as well as a person who has moved 25 times throughout my 27 years of life, there are many things that tend to happen to you, here are 10 things a person who has moved frequently goes through.

1. Burning Bridges Is Easy

Many people have stated don’t burn your bridges, unfortunately, for us, it’s not so easy. After all, when you’ve moved so many times, and if you don’t want to deal with something or someone, it’s easy to just walk away, besides why should you work to keep the relationship if they don’t want it? To us burning bridges is almost like breathing, it has become so natural to us, that doing anything else is hard. While most people when they leave a job, or school, they’ll keep in touch with those they’ve gone to school with, or simply stay in the area so that…

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