How Introverts Love

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So I just read a post about how introverts love and I politely disagreed with it.  So I decided to write my own.

How Introverts Love

(Not just romantically, this goes for family, friends, strangers, and significant others.)

In Silence – 

As introverts, we are comfortable with silence.  We don’t feel the need to fill every second with chatter.  We love simply by being around you.  We enjoy spending time with those we love, but just because that time isn’t spent talking doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it.  Nor did it mean that we don’t love you.  Presence means more to us than words.  We just want to be near you, sharing time and life with you.

In the little things 

Introverts like to notice the little things about those we love and then act on them.  We do small acts of service.  This could be picking up something…

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