Why? What do you fantasize about?

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I am writing to you from the deck of a cabin in the woods of Montana. Oh pardon me-

Hey, moose! Hey, bear, rainbow trout. What’re you guys up to? I know! Totally.

Sorry, just ran into some friends.

Anyway, it’s not your average rustic accommodation- I mean, there is the smell of fresh chopped cedar and pine but it also comes with a bed with a memory foam mattress and a rain shower, and some really swank skin products and a wine cellar and a juicer and a shitload of Peet’s coffee. There’s a pristine little gym downstairs with some free weights and an elliptical for days I don’t want to do a lakeside run. There’s wifi and HBO Go and Netflix so I can watch pretty much whatever I want but I think I’ll just read and write. Did you see Ex Machina? It’s similar to that place.

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