I’m An INTROVERT…but not shy. Get it right.

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A Girl With Something To Say

I am a quiet soul. I can sit by myself, listening to music or just lost in thought for hours and be perfectly content. It is one of my strengths. As an introvert, I am automatically a master at unwinding. That is a blessing in this fast race we call the world. My personality requires me to have alone time to rejuvenate. FUN TIMES THEY ARE! What I find interesting is the way most people assume that I am supposed to be shy because I am an introvert.

I am far from shy…in fact…if you ask my friends, they would describe me as everything opposite to shy. I possess the unique ability to feel completely comfortable walking up to someone and complimenting them on their shoes or their presentation or whatever. I can easily explain why I think someone should know me or vice versa. It is one of my strengths to…

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