How to have a great Introvertcation

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Fig and Thistle

I’m in serious need of a vacation. Scratch that… an introvert staycation. No people, no family, no kids, no chores, no work… just me –ALONE — for the space of a day.

Since that isn’t possible at the moment, I’m going to take the time to describe my DREAM introvertcation:

STEP 1: Make sure the house is reasonably neat prior to introvertcation. The screaming to-do list of laundry, tidying, bill-paying etc… will bug you. If you cannot get everything in order then just hide it or use a helluva lot of resolve to NOT ADULT AND BE RESPONSIBLE.

introvert6STEP 2: Weather. Okay, I know you have no control over this. My favorite “introvert” weather is autumn or winter or rainy. Light a candle, turn on some background nature sounds, whatev works. Me? I’m pretending it isn’t close to 100 degrees outside and lighting a pumpkin scented candle. Summer be damned.

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