Worst place EVER for someone like me.

Check this out


For me home is my comfort, hmm, OK well I’m sure it is for anyone but for some it’s the ultimate, don’t go anywhere comfort place. Well not that I don’t go anywhere because I do, out of no choice, but if I had it MY way I’d never leave home.

I’m a big introvert, though didn’t realize it until I was in my teens. Never cared for parties, didn’t care to go many places unless it was necessary and didn’t care to be around a ton of people, the mall wasn’t my thing either…whoa, I know like the mall is everything to a teen, yea, not me.

Being home around “familiars”, smells, people, things, foods, perfect lighting, perfect sounds, etc…

Yea, so what brought this on is I’ve gotta go to one of the worst places for me…Walmart…ho-hum. Don’t people work anymore, geez, I mean there can’t be THAT…

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