5 reasons Why being an introvert is not bad at all

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Some days I want to walk alone with all the thoughts you gave me. I want to see the World, but by standing at a distance from it. Some days I want to be another World and think about your World. Some days I want to learn. I want to teach. I want to evolve. Alone. Some days, these are most of the days

No, I am not Anti-social. Yes, I love my solitude. That’s the best thing I have got, the ability to separate myself from everything around me and still be able to connect to it all.

1. You stand out of the Crowd

Why does it bothers them? It bothers them because you are different. You are one of them but not them. It bothers people to see you alone and be completely happy with it, after all not everyone can manage that. You crave for something…

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