The Ramblings of an Impartial Introverted Bystander

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My Introverted Life

I’m what some might call apolitical/impartial when it comes to current event issues. I have a tendency to listen to one side of an issue, understand where they’re coming from and agree with them but then hear the other side and do the same thing. It then becomes a sort of tug war. All I want is to be able to figure out what I think is right but anytime I think I have a handle on it I hear someone else’s compelling argument and I start to falter. This is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember and because of this I tend to keep my mouth shut on big button issues. I also do this because I don’t like to make a decision on something until I know all the facts and I have trouble making my opinion on something until I have all the facts…

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