Life as an Introvert with and Extrovert Dad/Boss

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my average weird life

Having a parent be your boss can cause issues to begin with. But when you’re an introvert who wants to sit and do her work quietly while your dad boss wants to introduce you to everyone in the building…well it doesn’t help. My dad is an entrepreneur. The job title basically screams extrovert. He’s the type of person  who can walk into a room and start a conversation with anyone there. He loves meeting new people and talking about ideas and what he’s doing. He is starting a new tech company that is developing an app to solve a real world problem. I am an intern. Since I don’t have my degree, and we don’t have the funding for excess, I am an unpaid intern. I have had many internships before and have excelled on all of them. I can be an extrovert if I need to be, to make…

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