Inside my introvert mind

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the de-shelled introvert

Do you ever get stressed just thinking about doing something that stresses you? Pffft. Not me. That would be crazy. Why would anyone stress out about having to do something that stresses them? I mean that’s just asking for a hernia, right?

I can tell I’m not actually fooling you. So I’ll out with it. I get stressed by thinking about the things that have the potential to stress me out.

Ah, now I feel better. Actually, no, not really.

It’s not easy being one of those people that can talk themselves both into and out of a situation during a nerve-racking conversation in their own head. But that’s me. Today it’s about a phone call I have to make. To someone I don’t even want to talk to–someone I’m perfectly fine with not knowing. But I’m supposed to do it. It might even sorta kind of be my job.

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