Introverted “Alone”, or REALLY Alone


Plenty of “experts” will tell us introverts that we recharge by being alone. I refuse to disagree with that assessment because it is exactly how I recharge.

Sometimes I will stay up late at night just to be awake without the family “noise”. Even if it means I am super tired the next day at work.

Lately, however, I have really become fascinated, if not addicted, to movies, books, articles, stories, about being alone for more than just a few hours. For example, the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. While she did the Pacific Coast Trail, I have read a ton of books about the Appalachian Trail. I want to attempt that Trail so bad sometimes I dream about it.

But I could never leave my job for that period of time.

Plus it would be hard for me to leave my family…but it’s sad to say that it’s really the job that holds me back.

I have even mapped out different routes to walk across the country instead.

But that trip faces the same obstacles.

Castaway was on the television yesterday. I’ve seen it dozens of times, but I still stop to watch it. Or at least some of it.

There is a little part of me (maybe more than a little) that thinks I could survive.

As long as I didn’t have to deal with the plane crash.

Or the fish (can’t stand seafood).

Or the bad tooth.

But for all the easy stuff like not talking to anyone except a volleyball and growing a long beard…well, I guess that was really the only easy stuff…I could totally nail.

The book The Road by Cormac McCarthy has also fascinated me. Not just his book, but many that are of that same post-apocalyptic genre. Just a guy trying to take care of his family without all of the modern conveniences that we have grown accustomed too.

Well, there is also a lot of bad people in those books, and that would suck, but it’s the lack of people and sense of urgency and purpose that I seem to attach too.

Wool by Hugh Howey is like this too. When I read Wool, I immediately started reading all of his books. He has a way of tickling my introverted side where there are less people to deal with, and a set order for everyone to follow for survival.

Maybe it’s just a mid-life crisis entering my system, but I am really craving that long period of nothingness. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would immediately start planning to try to hike the Appalachian Trail next year.

And probably write a book about it.

With that said, no one from Aerosmith has contacted me about my offer. I guess it’s not much of an offer on my part, so I should say that no one from Aerosmith has contacted me about THEIR offer that I suggested.


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