Introvert or Extrovert With Social Anxiety? (or For An Introvert, I Sure Need People!)

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Fat, Broke, but not Stupid!


Whenever I take a personality test such as MBTI I am classified as an Introvert. I would agree with that if onlya therapist I met with only once sensed that I had social anxiety.Looking back I wonder if maybe he forgot to add a word. I think he meant to say he sensethat I had social anxietyinstead.

Like most people I think that Introverts automatically have social anxiety, but for an Introvert, I sure need people. I am one of those type of people who could live in a commune. Growing up I was the youngest of 4so there was always activity in the house. I have never lived by myself. I went from home to college dorms back home to living with my then fiancé, now wife. I can honestly say I probably have not slept in a building by myself more than 20 times in my…

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