I Never Went To That Trivia Night…

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Pieces Of Me

I crave time alone.
Inherent within me, it’s an inseparable element.
I used to think it was real negative in my life – foregoing many social events in favour of being home with my love.
Being criticized for not being sociable – spoken to on so many occasions for not wanting to participate in social activities.
I tried to make excuses, when all I wanted to do was scream, “For fuck’s sakes this is who I am!”
I remember one conversation years ago I had with a boss because I didn’t want to go to a work trivia night.
My eyes glazed over as he spoke about ‘team-bonding’, with me reiterating that I was always a team player within a workplace.
Thinking back now, that whole conversation was ludicrous.
In the last 2 years I have embraced my need for solitude.
I no longer see it as something to explain…

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