Inside an Introvert

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Find energy from solitude activities?  Become drained after a few hours of social activities?  Often focusing on internal thoughts?  These are just a few common traits of an introvert.

Being introverted does not mean I am shy. I am quiet, not shy. If I want to tell you something, I will. I used to be shy, very afraid to raise my hand in class and talk to people that were new to me. It drove me crazy to be shy, I hated it. I gradually forced myself into situations to overcome shyness. But the introverted side of me stays. That’s who I am.

Introversion can be misunderstood as rude, selfish or standoffish. It’s not, I’m just not much into small talk, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. We introverts can be great listeners! We really like to think before we talk so we are not usually the first to…

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