When our telephone was a tin can on a string…

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It’s always amazing to me how breezily my son can make friends on the playground. We went to two different parks today, and on both occasions, when a new child arrived he said, “Look! A new friend!” and ran up to the child and introduced himself.

The two of them then ran off in a game only childhood can decipher. Disappearing into a land of giggles and silliness off-limits to adults and all the dullness of their priorities and smart phones.

My five-year-old is the friendliest person I’ve ever met. He can literally talk to any person, and, as of today, he’s even trying to learn Spanish so that he can more easily talk to people. I’ve never known such a social butterfly.

My three-year-old, on the other hand, chooses the solitary games. He likes the swings. The sand. Balancing on beams. He isn’t anti-social. He will play with others if…

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