Family means the world to me, so why do they annoy me so?

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I love my family a lot. They are a kind, supportive and odd bunch. When I list the things that I am grateful for, family is always up there. I’m lucky I have parents who are supportive of what I do, no matter what that is. I have brothers that care (one of whom doesn’t always show it, but I know he does care). If something happened, I know without doubt my family would come to help me in whatever way possible. So, why is it that sometimes they irritate me so much?

It was a bank holiday last weekend, so I spent three days at my parents because I like to go visit them often (especially since they are getting on a bit) and I knew my mum was a bit down as she’s readjusting to being retired.

I had such great hopes that I would go visit them, we’d…

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