E is for Excuses | Ten Completely Sensible Alibis to Avoid Being Dragged Out Tonight

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j is for jamie

Hi, Internet! Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Last week was kinda whacky. I was super distracted by my shiny new Apple Watch that everyone is still giving me crap for and then I saw Taylor Swift in concert (which I still haven’t gotten over, to be honest), but now I’m back! In full-force. Gracing you with my less-than-funny presence once again.

Let me be frank: I am the queen of excuses, white lies, fibs– whatever it takes to get me out of doing something that I have zero interest in doing. Which is basically anything that involves leaving my bed. Which is essentially everything.

Unless, y’know, someone invited me to hang out in my room, lay in my bed, and binge watch Gilmore Girls while eating any and every kind of cheese that this bounteous world has to offer– in which case I would (probably) still make up an excuse not to do so.

‘Karen, you can’t…

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