Confessions of a Socially Awkward, Introverted Misanthrope (and how to deal with me)

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so... this is my life now

I often get asked if I’m in a bad mood. No. I feel fine. It’s just…

My job requires that I listen to and help others, but part of the problem is talking.

I have to mentally rehearse my lessons, or even practice saying them in the shower or car. When my colleagues incite me to speak extemporaneously in front of the whole student body, I panic, stutter, and blank.

The cursing that follows my fuck-ups comes easily, however. I’m still hoping none of my students have noticed.

But even when I’m speaking with small groups of people, I sort of… don’t.

Because it’s not just that I am introverted or shy–I just don’t like people much.

Send me a last-minute text to hang out, and I may just leave my phone in a corner and pretend I never saw it.

Ask me a stupid question, and you may…

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