The Artificial Introvert

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the de-shelled introvert

Dear friends, our lives are not marked out in black and white. There exists this hazy color of gray. Sometimes it’s like smoke and clears itself away, leaving you on one side or the other. At other times, it swirls with so much complication that you find yourself floundering back and forth.

What the hell are you talking about?

I’m making a metaphor, dumbass.

Some individuals are plainly extroverted. Others are obviously introverted. But SOME. Some of us aren’t quite sure what we are. This is sometimes excusable. It might be that you are a Convert. Perhaps you started out life as a wee baby Introvert and were slapped and shaken into becoming an Extrovert. Think of the days when being left-handed was frowned upon, and how many Lefties were forced to become Righties. Same deal. It messes you up, but you learn to cope, though you still have traces…

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