What shell?

Check this out

the de-shelled introvert

The De-Shelled Introvert

No, it doesn’t say disheveled.

It’s true I might be disheveled sometimes, but that’s a story for a different site–which would NOT be called “The Disheveled Introvert” because I’m thinking that’s got to be on a Top Ten Worst Blog Titles Ever list somewhere.

Where was I?

The de-shelled introvert. That’s me. And probably a lot of people. Which is why I’ve decided to put up a place where I can say what I really meant to say when I was in that last awkward and terrifying situation when I said something stupid (or, more likely, didn’t say anything at all).

And you’re welcome to just read along or jump in and tell your own story–without worrying that I’ll tell you to “come out of your shell.”

Because this is where I’m coming out of mine.


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