Energy for Introverts

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What is your energy source? Do you go to people or within to charge your battery.

I once heard that the best way to figure out if you are an introvert or an extrovert, is to look at where you go to refuel. If you prefer to be with people, you are exhibiting a preference of extroverts, and if you prefer to be solitary to refuel, you are exhibiting the preference of introverts.

I am an introvert, and there are times when being apart from other humans (even ones that I love) can be likened to having Energizer batteries added to the bunny.

2015/01/img_1841.jpgSometimes, introverts get confused with shy, antisocial, sad or un-fun individuals. Believe me, I like people, I love to have fun with others, and shy … I am not.

Often, in society, introverts are overlooked as leaders, because introverts are not outwardly ‘selling’ their leadership, in three-point…

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