Cover letter for an introvert

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The Dictionary of Eye-Watering Words

I’ve thought, more than once, that life would be a whole lot easier if we we approached forming new friendships and relationships the way we approach other big life decisions – it seems silly that we find our best friends and soul-mates after just a few minutes of conversation in a pub, but won’t hire someone to wash our socks until we’ve seen a multi-page CV and heard glowing recommendations from 3 former employers.

I think introverts like me, particularly, get the short end of the stick in social situations. We’re not so good at the social ease thing, and maybe handing out our CVs with cover letters like the one would make us seem less ‘socially awkward’ or ‘stabby’ as we sometimes appear.


From: me

The awkward girl standing in the corner

Studying her drink intently and not speaking to anyone

To: you

The normal person over there

With the…

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