On Being an Introvert

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Someone once told me I was an introvert. Out of misinterpretation and spite, I felt angry and misunderstood. I didn’t realize what it actually meant to be one. Being an introvert does not mean you’re anti-social, rude, “weird,” or cynical and being an extrovert does not mean you speak out of turn, seek attention or overshare and overstep boundaries.

Common misconceptions and stereotypes had placed a burden on me. In fact, being an introvert simply means my energy is derived through my own thoughts and time with myself. Since I’m a mere one year old in my new life, I’ve only skimmed through the layers of who I truly am. What I do know is that humans do tend to drain me. I do enjoy writing alone. I do enjoy spending weekend nights alone sometimes. I do enjoy taking baths so I can think. I do enjoy meditation. I do…

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