The challenging challenges of the introverted

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There’s only one thing worse than a party you can’t avoid, and that is the agony of displeasure that will be bestowed upon you by the host if you don’t grace the party with your presence.

So as you get dressed, you wonder if your clothes will provide you any kind of camouflage, which would allow you to disappear into the background. As you ponder the future of camouflage clothing, you realise in a few minutes you will be thrown unceremoniously  into your own personal hell. A social hell.

You arrive at the event, greeting the handful of people you know – and for a brief sweet moment you toy with the idea that you might actually have a slightly enjoyable time! Inept as you are, maybe the swirling pool of chatter will envelop you and drag you along in its flow.

But alas this is not to be your fate…

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