Introverts Are Not Manic-Depressive

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I stumbled upon a blog written by an introvert who was probably manic-depressive. I choose not to write the name of the website. The author wrote their personal life story. In summary they wanted to force themselves to be extroverted by drinking and taking drugs to fit in.

Being manic depressive does not come with the introversion package. I sincerely doubt that. If an introvert is manic-depressive I believe it may stem from a reason such as not being accepted for who they are probably by their family, not understanding introversion and thinking that there’s something wrong with them, or being brought up in a broken home etc.

But IMO, nobody was born manic-depressive. No introvert was born manic-depressive. I would understand if the term “mood swings” is used instead of the other.

A manic-depressive person is defined by the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “characterized by or affected with either mania…

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