Four Struggles of an Introverted Parent

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Imperfect Mama

INTJwordleFor those readers who know me in real life, what I’m about to say may surprise you. I am an introvert. I know, it’s shocking and I must be kidding, right? I’m used to that reaction. People often assume I’m extroverted because I don’t seem “shy” and because I’m not all that quiet. But what truly makes a person extro/introverted is where they draw their energy. For me, I need to be alone to recharge. I don’t think I’m particularly anti-social, but too much social activity exhausts me, and large crowds of people make me incredibly anxious.

Thanks to years of performing, I can fake it really, really well, but having to be “on” for too long can lead to total shutdown. Only, there is no chance to shut down with kids, is there? Being introverted is a challenge to my parenting, and being a parent is a challenge to…

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