Just a basic Thank You from an #Introvert

The title says it all.

I have been blogging now for half a month. Expectations were that one or two people might read it. More than anything, it gave me an opportunity to act like I am a writer. To be honest, if I hadn’t found Tony James Slater’s books (www.adventurewithoutend.com) I probably wouldn’t have done this. Not only is he an awesome writer, but following his adventures got my mind racing.

Anyway, after half a month I decided to look at my stats for this month after I saw If the Crown Fits recent blog post. I was honestly blown away:

Capture1 Capture2

Seriously? 30 countries! Seriously?

So THANK YOU all so much. I’m really at a loss of what else to say about seeing this, other than I suppose I might have to make sure I edit.

And if you are a reader, please check out Tony James Slater’s books on Amazon…or anywhere else you shop:

That-Bear-Cover-Image-214x300We-Dont-Need-The-Whole-Dog-Cover-214x300KK-Internal-Cover-72DPI-214x300  Can-I-Kiss-Her-Yet-website-214x300

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