Are you socially awkward

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images (1)Introversion, shy, socially awkward, sensitive, timid, self-conscious – all these are personality traits that overlap with one another yet very different. All introverts are not shy, some introverts are shy and there are also some who are selectively shy. A large group of people fall into this third category and let us explore this a bit more.

Shyness attributes to fear of social interactions. Selectively shy people are confident in some situations at the same time they are shy in others. I belong to this category. A few days ago, I was reminiscing about my college days. My husband and I went to the same school and on one occasion I agreed to compere for a college function because he was insisting me to do it.

A normal me would never do that. If it was someone else or somewhere else, I would never dare to do this. But because…

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