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I found a great phrase in this article about shyness on psychologytoday.com: Liquid Extroversion.

OK, shyness is not the same as Introversion, but many of us will have been through the same phases in adolescence or early adulthood – feeling a little different and reaching out for a little social lubricant in liquid form.  That would be just dandy if it stayed a reliable solution, or if it wasn’t such a seductively “easy” alternative to the long, slow, sometimes painful process of becoming more comfortable with who we are.  As the article says:

about 12% of the shy turn to what I call liquid extroversion. They are a distinct population of people, who, often beginning inadolescence, ingest drugs or alcohol to deal with their shyness. They self-medicate as a social lubricant, to give them courage. And while it may remove inhibitions, it doesn’t provide them with what they desperately need — actual social…

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