What is love – an introverts perspective.

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A Dainty Conundrum

I’ve been  wrestling with the concept of love lately. Mainly because I think we get it twisted. See, I always thought that love was a feeling. Love was happiness, euphoria, bliss, peace. But, in reality, happiness is happiness. Euphoria is euphoria. Peace is peace. There a lot of things that may make me feel happy, but love makes that emotion stronger, more intense and personal. So, if happiness is it’s own emotion, what is love?

Well, I think love is not an adjective, it’s a verb. Love is a behavior that I perform with the intent of enhancing a deeper relationship. I think this is important distinction, because when I believe love is an action I do instead of an intense set of feelings I have, His word comes alive in a whole new light. In Matthew 22, the Sadducees ask Jesus the question, what is the greatest commandment? His response…

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