Worst Vacation Ever – Except for me…it’s AWESOME!


My wife (The Hippy) is about 900 miles away from me right now.

She is in Las Vegas with a few girlfriends. I am sitting at home taking care of our six year old kindergartener and our nearly 16 year old puppy.

She is recharging in Sin City (hopefully without all the sins).

I am recharging in silence and solitude.

Don’t get me wrong…as introverted as I am, I can enjoy trips to Vegas too. But they really do exhaust me. Her trip just happened to fall in line with our son still being in school and our puppy still enjoying life. (Unless she is traveling with us in the camper, we always keep one person home for when she passes.)

This is the first time in nearly two years I’ve taken a vacation. Yes, two years.

It’s not the first time I’ve traveled. I have had the opportunity to go all over for work. DC, Boston, New Orleans, San Fran, Dallas, Austin, Denver, Chicago, Seattle…just to name a few. Usually I am traveling on my own, and then sight seeing on my own too. Of course, with headphones on and my cell phone ready to be at my ear in case there are conversations heading my way.

So what does an introvert do on his first vacation in forever?


Ok, that’s not exactly true.

I have completely redesigned our living room. And kitchen. And bedrooms. And basement.

And our camper.

And mowed the lawn. Twice.

Sound like fun? No?

How about relaxing? No?

Ok, definitely sounds like a way to get recharged for work, right? No?

Well, maybe not for you. Guaranteed not for The Hippy. In fact, she is probably freaking out right now in the middle of all the neon and slot machines dropping coins (it’s been a long time since I’ve been there and I hear they don’t actually drop coins anymore…that sucks) knowing that I am clearing out the house.

In know there are thousands of articles regarding Introverts needing peace and quiet and Extroverts needing everything else. I’m not going to reiterate all of that, except to say that for me, it’s true.

When I get back to the office on Tuesday morning, I know I will be asked the mandatory question about what I did on vacation. And I also know that when I tell the truth, they will most likely tell me, “Worst Vacation Ever.”

3 thoughts on “Worst Vacation Ever – Except for me…it’s AWESOME!

  1. I am with you. Some of my best vacations have been the staycations. I do like to travel, but it is not usually relaxing. Where did this idea come from that you have to travel every time you take a vacation day?


  2. I can totally relate to this. Vacation to me is being at home, resting up or working on projects that I want to work on. Definitely not going out with people. I’m rarely up for traveling because like you said, it is so draining. Also for a long time me and my family would always have one person stay at home when we traveled when my dogs were still with us. They are family too! Dogs are the best!


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