Being An Introverted Volunteer

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There have been a number of articles highlighting the differences between introverts and extroverts. Extroverts are seen as gregarious and assertive. Introverts are seen as reserved and quiet. I personally define the two terms like this: introverts get their energy from spending time in close knit settings and in quiet spaces. They do not derive energy from interacting with large groups of people. Extroverts are the opposite, they thrive on being able to interact and communicate with lots of people. The bigger the crowd, the better.

I don’t think one characteristic is necessarily better than the other. I myself, identify as an introvert. Although I don’t mind being around large groups of people nor am I afraid of social interaction, I prefer smaller and more intimate settings. I don’t like small talk but I value really getting to know a person one on one. My ideal Sunday is sitting in…

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