A Few Things I’ve Learned About: Using Social Media and Not Falling Back into my Depression

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Casual Thoughts

For those of you who know me personally know that I’m a quiet person. I hold things in, I calculate every word, every action and every decision. I don’t like stepping out of my boundaries and I most of all don’t like stepping into others boundaries. In which case has over the years made me become a door mat. I get stepped on, forgotten and really only needed to clean up for others. Now that isn’t a nice way to speak about oneself but if you’re thinking that then you might, just might, know the real me. Maybe I’m more transparent than I thought or maybe you’re just incredibly intelligent.

Regardless,  when you think like that you get a haze over your actions and it in turn makes you a very sour individual. People always speak as if when you’re depressed that you see the world in only grey, and if…

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