11 Uncomfortable Things That Happen When You Hate To Be The Center Of Attention

Check these uncomfortable things out

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1. When everyone’s eyes are on you, you break out in some kind of bright red rash.

Your chest becomes all splotchy, and someone will most definitely ask, “Oh my god, are you okay? You’re all red!” Thanks, I know, and no I’m not okay. Stop looking at me and maybe I’ll go back to my normal color.

2. You try to counterbalance the uncomfortableness with a laugh or chuckle.

But then you realize there is nothing to be laughing about, and your quirky giggle just sounds weird rather than comforting.

3. You chew your nails like they were your favorite piece of candy.

Yes, chomp them down to the very root… So much for your manicure. Now you have bits of red nail polish all over your black shirt, and you need to find something else to nervously chew on that is somewhat socially…

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